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OTC Exercise outcome: Recommend medications basic feedback

Recommend medications basic feedback

Basic recommend medication feedback is designed to give the student a broad overview of how they could have treated the patient. Medications are not marked and no indication is shown to students about whether their selection was correct or incorrect.

To create an exercise with basic feedback, only three fields need to be filled out. These fields are: Patient Counselling Feedback, Wrong Outcome Feedback and Correct Outcome Feedback, similar to Do Not Recommend.

Patient Counselling Feedback is displayed next to any counselling notes that student entered during the exercise. The feedback should contain the reason why (as if you were talking to the patient) medications should be recommended to the patient.

Wrong Outcome Feedback is displayed if the student does not recommend appropriate treatment when they finish the exercise. This feedback should explain the appropriate course of action the student should have taken.

The Correct Outcome Feedback is displayed if the student recommends the appropriate outcome and should give a general overview of the exercise and how the patient should have been treated. Since medications are not being compared, correct feedback should explain what kinds of medications the student should have selected and whether any supplemental treatment could have been supplied.

In addition to the above fields, there is an option to display Recommended Medications. Enabling this option adds the ability to display some medications that you would recommend in the given scenario.

To enable Recommended Medications, check the Recommended Medications box.

Medications are selected by clicking the Manage Recommended Medications button, which opens a selection screen identical to the starting medication screen.

Once the medications are selected, they appear in a list underneath manage button.

An additional feedback field for recommending these products must also be filled out and should explain why you would recommend them / or why these medications should be used.

After completing the feedback section validate the exercise to check for errors and publish the exercise. Click here to learn more about fixing errors.

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