Creating a OTC exercise: Exercise options

OTC exercise options

OTC exercises are similar to dispense exercises, requiring that a name, introduction, description and date to be set.

In addition to these is the “Patient Symptoms field”, “Hide OTC gallery” option, and “maximum number of medications” option.

The Patient symptoms field is used to give a general overview of the patient’s symptoms.

Any symptoms entered should be written in the context of “The patient presented with the following:”.

The symptoms field provides general context about what the student should be trying to treat in the exercise.

If required, enter any keywords that are related to the exercise.

OTC exercise options sections allows you to add restrictions to the exercise.

Ticking the check box next to “Cannot be reset by student” will restricts the student ability to reset and re-attempt exercises

Selecting Hide medication gallery will affect the OTC gallery that allows students to view the other sides of the OTC medications, zoom on the side and move the side around to read more information.

When Hide medication gallery is checked students are unable to click through and view the other sides of the medications.

OTC gallery enabled
OTC gallery disabled

Another OTC exercise option include limiting the number of medications that can be selected by the student at one time. The restriction is designed to stop students from selecting extreme numbers of medications off the shelf to suggest to patients.

When a student has reached their medication limit, a message will appear to tell them that their inventory is full and that they must put a medication back before selecting new one. Restricting the number of medications students can select forces them to think about their choices.

By default, the maximum number of medications that the student may select is set to 6. This can be set to any number above 0.

If needed you can also set a time limit for how long the student has to complete the exercise.

When the Time limit is enabled you’ll need to input the duration as minutes and seconds.

Set your exercise date by selecting Automatic or Manual.

Automatic will set the date as the day the student starts the exercise while Manual will let you choose a date.

For example if an exercise has the automatic date, two students who start the exercise a day apart will have different dates, while a manual date will display the same date for both students.

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