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Creating a OTC exercise: Patient selected medications

Patient selected medications

Patient selected medications (PSM’s) are medications that the patient will present to the student at the start of the exercise.

The student will need to decide whether to keep the medications or select different medications from the shelf. You will find the PSM section under Patient Details.

To select PSM’s, click the “Manage patient selected medications” button.

The management screen allows you to search for and select medications by clicking on that medication row.

You can use the filter options at the top of the screen to assist when searching for medications.

If a medication row is highlighted, it means that it selected and will be displayed as a starting medication.

You can add a whole category of medications to your selection by selecting a category from the drop down list and clicking the “Add category medications” button.

To view medications you have selected, select “selected” from the selected drop down search box.

After medications have been selected, click the “Select” button on the bottom of the screen to finalise the selection.

The PSM’s are displayed in a list under the manage button, with the option to remove single medications.

After adding starting medications, the context of the patient introduction should be revisited. Does the introduction reference the starting medications? If it does not, consider changing the patient introduction text to suit the change in context.

For example, a patient introduction could change from: “Is this medicine the best for me?” to “Which of these medicines would be the best for me?”

To finish up the Patient details section you can include additional patient information in the Patient notes and Dispensing records section.

Any additional information will appear during the exercise.

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