Make MyDispense your own

MyDispense is highly customisable and getting your new MyDispense instance is just the beginning. This page has all the resources you need to customise MyDispense to your local requirements.

Patients and prescribers

Your new instance will come ready populated with many patients and prescribers, however, you may wish to change some of their details to suit your region.

Update the city and postcode of patients and prescribers.
The City and postcode/zipcode of the addresses your patients and prescribers will be set to a default. Send us your preferred city, state and postcode and we will update them for you.

Update the patient and prescriber personal details
If you are from a non-English speaking region, the names and street addresses of the patients and prescribers may be out of context. Use this spreadsheet template to change the patient names and street addresses, (and just the street addresses for prescribers). Return the spreadsheet to us and we will import the new data. Please be aware that, while it is possible to change the names of prescribers, each prescriber has a unique signature, so changing the name may cause a mismatch. With prescribers, it is safer to just change the address.


Add appropriate references.
There is a list of references available for students in exercises which can be customised for your use. If you send us a list containing the name of each reference and its link, we will add them to MyDispense for you. If the reference needs a special login link (such as a proxy), send us that link. There is already an example link to Google – which we can remove if you’d prefer.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Your institution may have a single sign-on (SSO) system, where staff and students only need one username and password to access many applications, such as, email, LMS, portfolio, student records etc.

MyDispense can be integrated into your SSO system, so that students and staff do not need to remember an extra username and password. Another benefit of SSO integration is that it removes the need to store students’ email addresses within MyDispense, which is favourable in terms of privacy.

Implementing SSO is a technical process that will need to involve your IT team. Please consult with them to ascertain whether SSO integration is feasible and then contact MyDispense support to schedule in the integration work.


Your new instance of MyDispense will come with a large number of medications pre-installed. The table below shows approximately how many medications are pre-installed for each region:

RegionPrescription medsOTC meds

The pre-installed medications are a starting point. You can add your own or edit the ones that already exist. Adding new medications can be time consuming, since each medication requires a photograph to be taken and processed for MyDispense use.

We encourage institutions in the same region to share their medication images and we hope to develop a platform for sharing medications, patients, prescribers and cases in the future.

If you are interested in expanding your medication inventory, please contact us at MyDispense support. We will be able to connect you with other MyDispense users in your region. We have guides on shooting product images and image processing and we also may be in a position to offer help on image processing.