Creating a OTC exercise: Patient details

Patient details

In OTC exercises there is no prescription, instead a patient appears in the dispensary and describes their problem.

The patient details section is where the patient is selected, and basic details filled out.

To get started, click on the Select Patient button.

Select a patient from the Select patient window. You can use the filters to help narrow down your selection.

The patient must be selected along with a patient image. If a patient has a locked patient image, the patient image will be selected automatically.

Underneath the patient image section area is the patient introduction.

The patient introduction is displayed after the exercise introduction screen inside a speech bubble. This is the initial interaction with the student and could describe a pain or a symptom.

The patient introduction field can have dates embedded in it by using date offset tags.

For example, if [d]-5[/d] is entered, during the exercise it will be replaced with a date 5 days before the exercise date. If a positive number is entered, it will X days after the exercise date. Click here to read more about how dates work.

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