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Below are a few ways to get specific information on MyDispense:

focuses on new features and include in-depth how-to videos.
gives a summary of new features.
include detailed information both for administrators and students on how to use certain features of MyDispense.
provide information on previous MyDispense versions.
Is there any cost associated?
MyDispense is free of charge and always will be.
There is no cost to you at all for hosting of the system for the first three years. After which, we would like you to share the hosting costs (about $300 for another 3 years).
What IT support is required?
You will need to contact your IT team when we set up MyDispense for your institution. This is to create an address for your MyDispense instance and also to hook into your Single Sign On system if you have one. For day-to-day running, IT support at your end is not required. You would need to nominate a local administrator to look after the enrolment of students into MyDispense and to manage the delivery of exercises, but this is not a time-consuming role at all. Your teaching staff would have ‘instructor’ access to the system which allows them to create and manage exercises.
Is there a possibility to download and test?
Being a hosted service, MyDispense does not need to be downloaded. We (Monash University) would set up a dedicated instance of the system in the ‘Cloud’ for you. You would then manage your own instance from that point. Staff at Monash University will also have an admin account so we can provide support when you need it.
A page is not loading correctly or I encounter an error after a MyDispense update. What should I do?
Whenever an update is issued, sometimes your browser will keep old copies of files around, causing errors. To clear your browser cache, follow the instructions here. If the problem still occurs after clearing your cache and refreshing the page.
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If you cannot find what you are looking for, send us your query and our development team will get back to you.