MyDispense 5

The next generation of MyDispense

MyDispense 5 is the largest update to MyDispense to date, featuring two new exercise types and other new features.

Note: All videos on this page do not have audio.
New Shopfront

The 3d environment in MyDispense has been given a facelift in version 5. The new look shopfront can be found in Dispense and OTC exercises, featuring a more realistic pharmacy, better highlights around 3d elements and vector graphics that are crisp on high resolution displays.

OTC exercises

OTC exercises have been one of the most requested features for MyDispense and they are here in MyDispense 5. In an OTC exercise students determine which OTC products to recommend to the patient or not recommend any products at all.

Recommend OTC products

Students select which OTC products they would recommend to the patient. OTC products are found in a front of store area in the pharmacy.

Don’t recommend

If for some reason the patient should not be given OTC treatment, the student can choose not to recommend any products for a variety of reasons.

Patient selected medications

The patient may present with products they have selected off the shelf to the student. The student must decide which products should be kept and which should be rejected, informing the patient why.

New feedback design

OTC exercises introduce a new design for feedback pages. It clears up information and removes the tab based format making feedback easier to navigate.

Fact finding

Students can ask the patient questions using patient fact finding.

Patient records

Use the computer to see if the patient has any records on file. Patients may be set as walk-in that cannot be found in the computer. Use fact finding to determine who the patient is and whether additional information can be found.

Patient questions

The patient can ask the student questions during exercises.

Validation Exercises

Validation exercises see the student take the role of a pharmacist, checking prescriptions about to be filled. The student must determine if each script in the exercise is valid or if there is a problem with it.

Determine if a script is valid or incorrect

Navigating through a stack of prescriptions, students must inspect each prescription and determine if it is valid or incorrect. If a script is incorrect, students select the problems with the script by clicking on the script and selecting reasons why it could be incorrect

Dose errors

Additional information about the patient can be found using patient information, dispensing records and attachments for each prescription that must be checked. Use dispensing records to introduce an incorrect dose or patient information about an allergy to add complexity to the exercise.

Patient Actions

In Dispense and OTC exercises, patient actions, information and hand over have been consolidated into a new interface called the patient action pane.

Patient conversation

The conversation with the patient now appears all the time, even when the patient action pane is closed. Scroll up and down to see the conversation history.

Interaction consolidation

Patient fact finding, attachments, hand over + counselling + patient questions were in separate locations in Dispense exercises. Now they are found in the patient action pane.

Exercise completion

Dispense or Do Not Dispense options are found on the right hand side of the Patient Action Pane. Clicking either will display the options for that outcome and the exercise finish button.

Improved attachments

Attachments have been improved in MyDispense 5. Support for jpeg images has been added and PDF’s will now appear in the MyDispense interface, instead of a different tab*.
* As long as it is supported by the browser


Counselling is now found on the Patient Action Pane. Enter your counselling in the space provided and communicate it to the patient.