MyDispense wins Australian Financial Review Award

We are delighted to announce that MyDispense has won the 2022 Australian Financial Review, Higher Education Award for Teaching and Learning Excellence.

MyDispense was unanimously voted by the judges as the standout across all categories, and was particularly praised for its impact outside of Monash University.

The MyDispense team members are overjoyed with the award and very grateful for the kind words of the judging panel.

The core team of Keenan Beaumont, Marian Costelloe, Kylie Hatch and Keith Sewell would like to acknowledge so many other people that have contributed to the project over the years:

  • Kaan Unugur
  • Vivienne Mak
  • Dan Malone
  • Pui San Saw
  • Jenny McDowell
  • Rebecca Wong
  • James McCarthy
  • Steven Walker
  • Emily Stokes
  • Tina Brock
  • Justin Chia
  • Akhilesh Lambda
  • Wade Mansell
  • Jason Le
  • Denise Vandenbosch
  • Clerk Kebodeaux
  • Sarah Vordenberg
  • Jill Fitzgerald
  • Lisa Holle
  • Marcus Ferrone
  • and last, but very much not least, is our original project sponsor and favorite person, Jennifer Marriott.