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Virtual practice environment for
teaching safe dispensing

What is MyDispense?

MyDispense is an online pharmacy simulation that allows students to develop and practise their dispensing skills. It provides a safe environment in which they may make mistakes without experiencing the serious consequences of practicing in the real world.

Safe Dispensing Environment

Through highly interactive dispensing exercises, MyDispense allows students to develop skills and confidence in safe, best-practice dispensing of pharmaceutical products.

Full Dispensing experience

The web application supports a total dispensing experience, from initial communication with the patient and prescriber to professional advice when handing medicines to patients.

Modern Dispensing Practice

The application features a dispensing system with many features of commercial dispensing programs to give students an authentic experience in modern dispensing practice. At the end of each exercise, students receive rich, contextual feedback on their dispensing performance.

No physical restrictions

The MyDispense environment utilises virtual representations of patients, barcodes, labels and products. There is no requirement for a physical space with label printers and shelves full of empty product boxes. This means that students have no restrictions on their access to dispensing exercises.

MyDispense by numbers

institution 38
Institutions Using MyDispense
dispense 302592
Exercises Completed
prescriber 40
Virtual Prescribers
mydispense_iconfont_r04 2437
Medications in Database
patient 422
Virtual Patients

Students are able to explore patient-based scenarios that they’re likely to encounter in real life. Tutors can build new exercises by combining elements from a database of over 300 patients and 1500 pharmacy products to create limitless scenario variations. Students must make professional decisions to successfully complete the carefully graduated exercises.

MyDispense Symposium 2016

MyDispense is now used internationally. The MyDispense International Steering Group, consisting of membership from Monash University, UCSF, University of Connecticut and Nottingham University have been driving the development of MyDispense as an internationally relevant resource. This is an opportunity to be part of an international community committed to working collaboratively to improve pharmacy education.

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History of MyDispense

  • October 2010 - Project Launch
  • February 2011
    Version 1 released
  • July 2011
    Version 2 released
  • November 2011
    First exam in MyDispense
  • July 2012
    Version 3 released
  • June 2013
    Version 3.5 released
  • July 2013
    MyDispense Namibia launched
  • January 2014
    MyDispense NMMU launched
  • January 2014
    Began collaboration with USA schools of pharmacy
  • March 2014
    MyDispense University of Connecticut launched
  • April 2014
    MyDispense Monash Malaysia launched
  • April 2014
    MyDispense USA released
  • May 2014
    MyDispense UCSF launched
  • July 2014
    MyDispense presented at AACP 2014
  • September 2014
    MyDispense UIW Texas launched
  • October 2014
    Version 4 released
  • October 2014
    MyDispense Arizona launched
  • December 2014
    MyDispense Michigan launched
  • June 2015
    Over 100,000 exercises completed at Monash University
  • June 2015
    Over 13,000 exercises completed at UCSF
  • July 2015
    MyDispense workshop at AACP 2015
  • July 2015
    MyDispense Pacific University launched
  • July 2015
    MyDispense Florida launched
  • August 2015
    MyDispense St Louis launched
  • August 2015
    MyDispense West Coast University launched
  • September 2015
    MyDispense Republic Polytechnic launched
  • September 2015
    MyDispense Umm Al-Qura launched
  • September 2015
    MyDispense Maryland Eastern Shore launched
  • November 2015
    MyDispense Curtin University launched
  • December 2015
    MyDispense Minnesota launched
  • December 2015
    MyDispense Touro College NY launched
  • March 2016
    First MyDispense publication
  • March 2016
    MyDispense Charleston launched
  • April 2016
    MyDispense Kentucky launched
  • May 2016
    MyDispense Midwestern University launched
  • July 2016
    MyDispense Symposium 2016
  • August 2016
    MyDispense University College London launched
  • August 2016
    MyDispense University of Mississippi launched
  • August 2016
    MyDispense University of Zimbabwe launched
  • August 2016
    MyDispense University of Malawi launched
  • September 2016
    MyDispense University of Reading launched
  • October 2016
    Version 5 released
  • October 2016
    MyDispense Ajman University launched
  • October 2016
    MyDispense University of Sussex launched
  • October 2016
    MyDispense University of Sussex launched
  • January 2017
    MyDispense Purdue University launched
  • January 2017
    MyDispense University of Queensland launched
  • January 2017
    MyDispense Kemerburgaz University launched
  • February 2017
    MyDispense University of Western Australia launched
  • February 2017
    MyDispense Royal College of Surgeons launched
  • February 2017
    MyDispense University of Lisbon launched
  • May 2017
    Version 5.1 released
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Get Involved

MyDispense is free to use for teaching purposes. Monash University will never charge you to use the software. Each school of pharmacy instance is kept separate for data protection and to allow the school to configure the system to their own requirements. If you decide to use MyDispense, you will be set up a new server for your pharmacy school and you can configure MyDispense to your requirements.

If you are interested in using MyDispense contact Keith Sewell at Monash University.