What’s new in v6

What’s new in v6

MyDispense 6 is the largest update to MyDispense to date and it contains many new features. Here are the major changes to MyDispense.

For starters, MyDispense 6 has a fresh new design. With some slight Interface changes you should still be able to easily navigate around MyDispense and create exercises.


New exercise type; Scenarios! A new way to challenge time management skills in MyDispense by presenting multiple cases at once.

Click here to learn more about Scenarios.

Hospital MyDispense

In version 6, we have added the option to set the setting of your Exercise or Scenario in a Community or a Hospital setting, which we have called Exercise or Scenario context.

When a Scenario or Exercise context is set to the hospital context, students see a hospital setting instead of the community setting. In a hospital context there is no front of shop section for OTC medications and only the backroom is available.


  • Over the Counter (OTC) and Prescription Only medications (RX) have been merged, along with their common functionality.

Medications will still have a OTC / RX classification, they are now kept together on the one administration screen. You can now change a medication from OTC to RX (or vice versa) simply by editing the medication.

  • OTC medications can appear on prescriptions, validation exercises and on dispensing records.
  • Medications now share a standard set of optional features across all versions of MyDispense: Pill counting, Label placement, Image gallery and List of ingredients.
  • As part of the merge we have also removed some fields on medications. For example, the price field has been removed.
  • New option: Medication Context, with the addition of the Hospital context in MyDispense, medication can now be categorised as All, Community, and Hospital.
  • Added support for multiple medication locations in the pharmacy, including an option for the medication to not appear on the shelves at all.
  • The brand / generic options have been simplified, they are now: Brand and Branded Generic
  • New medications will automatically become active when added.

Click here to read more about Medications.



Updated feedback system to provide more context and information to students.

Fields that we can mark automatically on the label are now highlighted in red / green to provide at a glance feedback on their label results. Clicking on those areas on the label will also show more in depth feedback.

Other Changes

  • New additional Dispensing records management for bulk record creation. Delete records etc.
  • New metric logging system based on events. We now track and log most actions that the student takes during exercises in chronological order.
  • Robber functionality has been removed.
  • Student assessments can now be reset without resetting the entire assessment.
  • additional Hospital prescription and handwritten doctor prescription font types for MyDispense Australia.
  • Microsoft smart quote removal and text encoding fixes (no more ‘‒)
  • Improved checkbox and radio button selection

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