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MyDispense Pharmacy Overview

MyDispense Pharmacy Overview

In MyDispense you are a pharmacist standing behind the counter of this busy dispensary. Often a patient will be standing at the counter waiting for you.

The Shopfront

The shopfront is the main exercising screen. Here you can interact with Patients, access Reference material, the Dispensing App, the Benchtop, and contact Prescribers.

The Toolbar

The Toolbar is located at the bottom of the screen and can change depending which screen you are currently on. The toolbar provides quick access to avaible actions, it also allows you to move to the Front of Pharmacy or to the Back Room.

Toolbar variety

The Toolbar also gives you access Notes and your Inventory.

You can also quit the exercise from the “Exit” icon on The Toolbar.

Front of Pharmacy

The Front of Pharmacy screen is where the OTC products are located. You can access the Front of Pharmacy screen from the Shopfront by clicking on the Left arrow icon located on the right side of The Toolbar.

OTC products are located in three areas: under the counter, under the counter fridge, and shelves.


The Pharmacy Backroom allows you to access the medicines and other products that you will need to dispense to patients. To get to the Backroom click on the Right arrow icon located on the right side of The Toolbar.

In the backroom products are loced in the fridge, safe and shelves. You can also access the Schedule 8 register.

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