Setting up Studentgroups

Setting up Studentgroups

To access the studentgroups in a unit, click on the studentgroups button at the top of the tutorials screen.

Note: This guide assumes that there are students enrolled if the unit. If there aren’t students enrolled in the unit, do so now, otherwise you will not be able to create and manage studentgroups.

The studentgroup screen will look something like the screen below.

Note: If there are no studentgroups you will need to contact your site’s administrator and get them to set up the student group.

To enroll students into the studentgroup click the “Students” button in the group header, which opens the studentgroup management screen.

There are two options for importing students into a studentgroup, using the list of students already enrolled in the exercise or by using a CSV file.

Click here to learn how to import via CSV.

To enroll students via the list method, click on the “Add Student” button. The add student screen displays all of the students enrolled in the unit.

The username search box is used to find specific student users enrolled in a unit.

Select your students by clicking on their usernames, the usernames will appear highlighted. Clicking the “Add selected students” button will enroll the highlighted students into the studentgroup and return you to the student management screen.

Once a studentgroup has students, they can be managed on the student management screen. Similar to the add screen, students can be removed by selecting them and clicking the “Remove selected students” button.

You will need to exit the student management screen by clicking the close button.

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