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MyDispense Learning Context Hierarchy

MyDispense Learning Context Hierarchy

MyDispense is organised in a hierarchical structure in order to manage access to Exercises and Assessments. At the top of the hierarchy is the Unit, followed by Tutorial and Exercise. A Unit can contain many Tutorials; a Tutorial can contain many Exercises.


A Unit is a container for Tutorials. This may correspond to a unit of study in your curriculum or can be any organisational unit. Students are enrolled into Units.

Creating new Units – to preserve a standardised method for naming Units, only an Administrator can create a new Unit or make a copy of a Unit.


Tutorials in MyDispense do not have to correspond to timetabled on campus tutorials. They are a means of grouping exercises and can be used in any way that suits the learning situation.


An Assessment is a special type of Tutorial that allows for student testing.

MyDispense includes an Assessment Manager component to handle the marking and feedback to students.


Exercises are the actual learning interactions that are completed by students. Each Exercise simulates a scenario within a community pharmacy. Students have to check prescriptions, enter data into a computerised dispensing system, print labels, select products, complete a Drug of Addiction register, place labels, select ancillary labels and counsel the patient before handing over the medicine.

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