Creating a Dispense Exercise: Exercise Options

Setting up Exercise Options

Add the Exercise Name. This is the name that will appear to students on the MyDispense dashboard.

Enter the Exercise Description. This text only appears in admin screens and allows users to more easily find exercises.

Exercise Introduction text appears to students when they enter the exercise.

This is a required field and should be used to set the scene for the exercise, for example: “Mr X would like you to dispense the medicine on his prescription”.

You can add optional Keywords to an exercise, such as “diabetes”, “dose change” etc. Keywords make it easier to search for exercises

Use the check boxes to configure the Exercise Options:

  • Label only exercise – this is an exercise that only goes as far as the printing of a label. It is often used for novice students.
  • No Reset – normally students are able to reset an exercise after completion so that they can try again. Checking this box prevents them from doing this for the current exercise
  • Hide prescription – check this box if you want to create an emergency supply exercise where the patient does not have a prescription.
  • Hide medication notes – Creates an exercise where medication notes are not displayed. Medication notes are set when editing a medication.

You can optionally set a time limit for students to complete the exercise by selecting the Enable time limit checkbox.

If the student does not submit before the timer ends, the exercise is submitted on their behalf as ‘incomplete’. They will receive some generic feedback about running out of time.

Incomplete exercises cannot be marked in the assessment system and the student receives a mark of 0 for that exercise.

Using the Exercise context drop down list choose where the exercise takes place.

Currently you can select Community pharmacy or Hospital dispensary.

Different medications will be available depending on which environment you select.

Select the Exercise Date management method. You can choose to set the date manually or allow the date to be set automatically.

  • Manual Date allows a specific time frame to be set for an exercise.
  • Automatic Date is set when the student starts an exercise.

All dates in an exercise are set as the number of days + or – from the exercise date. See the section on Managing Dates for more information.

The Manage Attachments button allows you to attach supplementary files to the exercise.

Click here to learn more about attachments.

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