Intentional Errors – script error example

How to add errors to your exercise – script error example

The follow is an example on how to incorporate script errors into a exercise.

To enable errors, open the Errors panel and check the box “Enable exercise errors”.

Because we are adding a script error, click on the Enable script errors checkbox.

Click on the Remove/Change script errors to access the remove/change script errors panel.

In this example we are going to make an overdose by swapping the correct medication (for a child) with an adult dose and form.

In setting up this exercise we already entered the correct medication and directions when we set up the prescription. We now need to alter the prescription that the students will see during the exercise.

Scroll down to the section titled Alter medication

Click on the Select Replacement Medication button

The select replacement medication panel appears. Use the search and filter tools to find an appropriate medication.

Note: It’s also possible to alter the directions and quantity on the prescription.

In this example we are swapping Panamax 120mg/5ml elixir for Panamax 500mg tablets.

After selecting a replacement medication fill out the feedback sections.

Click on the “Update” button to save your changes.

Back on the Exercise Designer screen you’ll see an overview of the errors that have been added.

Selecting the correct outcome – We now need to determine what the correct outcome should be in this situation. In Australia, the pharmacists should spot that the dose and form are inappropriate for a child and instruct the Patient’s mother to return to the prescriber for another prescription. With this in mind we need to set the Outcome to “Do not dispense script

Upon selecting “Do not dispense script” you will see that several options appear in the outcome panel.

Select appropriate reasons for not dispensing the prescription.

More than one reason can be selected.

When you have selected the appropriate reason for not dispensing, you will need to provide feedback for the three possible student outcomes.

Correct outcome – this feedback should address the situation where the student makes the correct choice of not dispensing.

Correct outcome with partial accuracy – this option is for when you have specified that the only way to make the correct decision is by consulting another source, such as patient or prescriber fact finding.

If the student makes the correct decision of not dispensing but has not consulted an appropriate source, they may be guessing (or copying from another student).

Wrong outcome – this feedback should address the situation where the student incorrectly dispenses the medication. You should outline the consequences of their decision and also possibly where they may have made the error.

You can now click on the review or save button. If there are any problems with your exercise, they will appear in the review panel.

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