Intentional Errors – additional information example

How to add errors to your exercise – additional information example

In this scenario the patient has been prescribed Minocycline 100mg Capsules for severe acne. In patient fact finding the patient reveals that there is a good chance that she is pregnant. Minocycline is contraindicated for pregnancy, so there is a clear problem dispensing this medication. Students can only discover the issue by using patient fact finding.

Remember that students will receive negative feedback if they ask irrelevant or annoying questions during fact finding, so they need to be aware of the contraindication for pregnancy before they use this feature, and not use a ‘scatter gun’ approach to fact finding.

Set up the exercise with an adult female. For the medication, select Minocycline 100mg Cap (AF) / AKAMIN 100mg Cap.

Once the basic exercise is set up, enable fact finding. Open the Patient fact finding panel and enable patient fact finding

Fill out the Patient facts. In this example the following facts are used.

Age “I am 25”
Alcohol Consumption “No, I don’t drink.”
Allergies: (medication/other) “I have no allergies”
Breastfeeding “No I am not breastfeeding.”
Have they taken this medicine before? “No”
Hospital admission “No”
Illicit drug use “No, I don’t use anything like that.”
Other medications “I am not taking any other medication currently.”
Pension/Entitlement/Medicare Number “I have left my medicare card at home sorry.”
Pregnant “Actually, I think I might be pregnant. My husband and I are trying for a baby and I have missed a period. I’m quite excited about this, but did not want to say anything in case I am wrong. Is that a problem?”
Smoking Status “No, I don’t smoke.”
Symptoms “I have very bad acne. I find it very embarrassing.”
Weight of patient “I don’t actually know.”
What is the medication for? “I have really bad acne.”

You can decide on instructor feedback and also which questions should be can-ask must-ask and don’t-ask. In this example “Pregnant” is a “must-ask” priority.

Open the Errors panel and check the box Enable exercise errors.

Because the error we have introduced is to be revealed in patient fact finding, we need to check that the student has discussed the relevant topic with the patient.

To do this we need to enable additional information.

Enabling additional information will provide you with extra options.

Click on the Enable patient fact finding questions checkbox.

You can choose to specify any of the patient fact finding topics to be required for finding the error.

In this case we only need to ensure that the student has asked the patient about pregnancy.

We now need to decide the outcome of the exercise.

In this case it would be dangerous to dispense the medication, so choose Do not dispense script. There may be some circumstances where either outcome is acceptable. In these cases, you can select the option Can dispense/not dispense. The feedback would need to take into consideration all of the possible factors leading to either decision.

The final step is to enter feedback for each of the possible student outcomes:

  1. The student got the correct outcome and fulfilled any criteria that were set for information gathering.
  2. The student got the correct outcome but failed to gather all of the information required.
  3. The student got the wrong outcome.

To complete the exercise, click on the review and save buttons in the review panel.

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