Additional information

Additional information

You can add files to your exercise to give students more information, such as laboratory test results, patient discharge letters, GP letters etc. Any file that can be saved in PDF or JPG format can be attached to an exercise.

To attach a file – under the Exercise options panel click on the Document attachments button.

You can attach up to 5 files to an exercise and each file must be no more than 20 MB. Please try to make sure that your attachments are as small as possible since large files will slow down the performance of MyDispense.

The Exercise attachments panel will appear where you’ll be able to either add an attachment that is already in the MyDispense repository or upload a new attachment from your computer.

You can also add external links to the exercise such as videos. To add links click the Add Link Attachment button insert the full URL to the page you want to link, including http://.

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