Add Patient Fact Finding

How to add Patient Fact Finding to your exercise

Expand the patient fact finding section and make sure the Disable patient fact finding option is deselected.

Selecting the Randomise fact order will change the order the facts appear in the student view. If you leave this box unchecked the facts will be in the same order as they appear in the facts section below.

Select Feedback type (basic or Advance).

If you select Advance feedback you will need to provide feedback for each fact that has been defined and isn’t a “Can ask” question.

Under Facts, is a list of topics the student can ask the patient.

You can hide topics by un-ticking the corresponding check box.

If a question is not defined, it will still appear in the list of questions that the student can ask, but a random response (for example: “Huh?”, “I don’t know”) will be given instead.

Ideally you should define each fact that is important to the exercise. To define a fact finding question click on the “Add response” button.

In the Add response window you’ll have the option to choose a default response, write your own response, or select and modify a response from previously added responses.

You’ll also need to select the Question priority. This option is to set the status of the fact finding. Is this question essential (Must ask)? Is this question inappropriate (Do not ask)? Or is this question non-essential but might appear appropriate (can ask)?

For example asking the smoking status for a child is an unnecessary question to ask, so the smoking fact should be marked with Do not ask.

If you had selected Advanced feedback you’ll need to include a comment based on why asking this question was appropriate or not.

You also have the option to Customise label which will change the questions title within the fact finding list and you can also edit how the fact finding questions is phased by entering your own wording into the Customise question text box.

After a question has been defined, it can be cleared by clicking the clear response button.

If there is a topic not listed above you can add your own by clicking on the Add Custom Facts button and filling out the New Question form (Which is very similar to the Add response window) .

If you selected Basic feedback a section will appear after facts for you to provide an overall feedback for the questions you have defined.

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