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A prescription is presented to be be dispensed. According to the patient history a dispensing error occurred on a previously for the same item. The prescription. The student should not dispense the prescription before speaking to the Doctor.
Counselling would involve indicating to the patient that an error has previously occured. You would ask if they either currently or previously expierenced any unusual side effects or symptoms. Further ways to manage the dialogue would involve following a guide (e.g. PDL) to managing a dispensing error:

Ensure the complaint is handled by a pharmacist
Check alleged error and replace offending item
An apology couched in the correct way will NOT constitute an admission of liability (e.g. “I am sorry this has happened to you”)
Determine if the wrong medication has been used or any harm suffered? Has any expense been incurred? DO NOT OFFER COMPENSATION. DO NOT MENTION INSURANCE.
Show empathy to the patient.
At all times remain calm, sympathetic and co-operative.
Telephone insurance to report the problem or gain advice.
Record the details in the patient’s dispensing history
If a complaint is initiated by correspondence, it is most important to not reply without contacting your insurance first
If an investigating officer is seeking information relating to the error, contact your insurance so that legal advice can be provided.
When an incident has occurred contact that doctor as a professional courtesy.

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