Implementing MyDispense Across the Curriculum

Key Points Introduction I first learned of MyDispense during an International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) webinar in the summer of 2020. After listening to examples of uses around the globe, my mind was teeming with ideas. I was able to imagine it being used my own course, Self-Care Therapeutics, as well as several other places in […]

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MyDispense Tips

Getting started with MyDispense may feel overwhelming. It’s customizability is powerful, but it also may be intimidating at first. Below are several tips for getting started and for efficiently assessing student performance.

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MyDispense: The Benefit of a Student’s Perspective

Students have a much different view of MyDispense than instructors which allows them to give provide a useful perspective while creating and testing cases.

Giving students an opportunity to work with MyDispense may garner interest in academia and provide students with an alternate career path that they otherwise would not have exposure to.

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