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  • Tips for Releasing MyDispense Results to Students
    MyDispense has many unique features and options that allow students to get additional practice, immediate feedback, and practice experience without physically practicing in a pharmacy.  The assessment feature is one of the unique features from a faculty perspective.  Assessment within MyDispense allow for faculty to provide both formative and summative assessment with significant customization to […]
  • MyDispense Tips
    Getting started with MyDispense may feel overwhelming. It’s customizability is powerful, but it also may be intimidating at first. Below are several tips for getting started and for efficiently assessing student performance. Getting started with MyDispense “Give yourself enough time to run through any exercise you create as a student to make sure it works […]
  • MyDispense: The Benefit of a Student’s Perspective
    Key Points Students have a much different view of MyDispense than instructors which allows them to give provide a useful perspective while creating and testing cases. Giving students an opportunity to work with MyDispense may garner interest in academia and provide students with an alternate career path that they otherwise would not have exposure to. […]
  • Self-Care Exercises Using MyDispense
    Key Points MyDispense can assist with off-loading content to make time for assessments. MyDispense OTC exercises are beneficial when first learning self-care topics. Our Experience The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy began implementing MyDispense in our skills lab curriculum in the Fall of 2018, starting with the dispensing exercises. It was not until the […]
  • Our Road to MyDispense
    Key Points Establish your MyDispense team, both within and outside your institution. Create a timeline, but be flexible. Take time to learn from others (and eventually teach others too!). Our Experience They say, “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.”  Well, I’m not sure who said that, but if you’re like me, […]