Getting started with MyDispense may feel overwhelming. It’s customizability is powerful, but it also may be intimidating at first. Below are several tips for getting started and for efficiently assessing student performance.

Getting started with MyDispense

“Give yourself enough time to run through any exercise you create as a student to make sure it works well.  Even better recruit academic students to “pilot” any exercises you create before you release to the whole class.” – Kathy Komperda, Midwestern University

“Be creative!  While we all look for a turnkey solution at times, MyDispense allows you to recreate challenging situations you’ve experienced in your career for students to learn from even before they are in practice. Take an evening (or two) and design an exercise from scratch.” – Clark Kebodeaux, University of Kentucky

Efficiently grading activities

“For dispensing exercises where little or no clinical judgement is required, I created a rubric that our administrative assistants utilized to help grade. Students uploaded the PDF to Canvas.” – Diane McClaskey, University of Missouri-Kansas City

“Always create a test account and add to your exams!  With a TA, APPE student, or whoever is able to help with your exam (even if it just yourself!), I would encourage you to take the exam AND grade it to see how it looks from your end before publishing.” – Clark Kebodeaux, University of Kentucky

“Consider having students respond to patient questions about the medications as opposed to providing general counseling. The student’s responses are then organized and much faster to grade.” – Sarah Vordenberg, University of Michigan

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Happy MyDispense-ing!

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