Resetting an assessment

Sometimes it is necessary to reset a student’s assessment data, which will give them access to the assessment again. To reset an assessment, open the “all” button in the assessment in the Exam manager.

The all page displays all of the students enrolled in the assessment and their status. In the right most column for the students who have submitted is a “reset” column. There are two options for resetting students: “Partial” and “Full”.

A “Partial” reset will only reset the student submit status. This will allow the student to access the exam again and will not delete any of their progress in the exam. Use a partial reset if the a student has accidentally clicked on the submit button and needs to complete the reset of the activities in the assessment.

A “Full” reset will delete all of the student data in the exam. It will remove all completed activity data (exercises, scenarios completed) and their submission state. The student will be starting the assessment again from the very start.

After resetting a student they will re-appear on the “Not Taken” page as they have no longer completed the exam.

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