Assessment landing page

Assessment landing page

To access an assessment and start marking, click on the assessment’s name on the exam manager-landing page, which opens the assessment-landing page. The assessment landing page provides an overview of the assessment, displaying general statistics and marking progress for each question.

Along the top of the page is the assessment sub-menu, with links to the landing (home), Not Reviewed, Reviewed, Not Taken and All pages. The not reviewed page displays students that have not been marked completely and shows which questions have not been marked and marks for questions that have been marked.

The reviewed page displays the final mark for students and marks can be exported from the reviewed page. The All page displays all students currently enrolled in the assessment and their current status (Not taken, submitted, marked). The status of students can be exported from this page as a CSV file, along with detailed marks for each question (also in CSV).

The Not Taken page lists enrolled students that did not submit the exam. Simply because a student didn’t submit the exam does not mean that the student did not complete exercises in the exam. The list of not taken students can be downloaded in a CSV file.

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