How to add markers to assessments

How to add markers to assessments

By default, only Administrators have access to all assessments. Instructors and Markers must be manually granted access to assessments.

To add users, click the manage access button, which opens the marker access screen.

The marker access screen that appears is where users that have access are displayed. To grant access to a user, click the “Add user” button.

Doing so opens the add user screen and displays all instructors and markers in MyDispense.

You can use the fields above the table to search by username and name (if it has been entered). To add a user, click the “Authorise user” button. You can search for another user and click authorise user again.

Once you have added the users, click the close button to return to the marker access screen.

With a user authorised to access the assessment, you can remove them by clicking the remove button in the table. Note that there are no access levels for assessments, if a user has been authorised, they have full access to the assessment contents. Any user authorised in this fashion cannot authorise other users. Only administrators can do so.

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