Medications in MyDispense

Medications in MyDispense

In MyDispense 6 medications have undergone a major overhaul, Over The Counter (OTC) and Prescription Only medications (RX) are now merged, along with their common functionality and appear on a shared administration screen.

OTC and RX medications also share a standard set of optional features: Pill counting, Label placement, Image gallery and List of ingredients.

This means that OTC medications can have label placement enabled for use during dispense exercises, along with pill counting. RX medications can now have additional images uploaded and a gallery displayed like OTC medications and RX medications can have multiple ingredients listed in admin.

Context and location

Medication in MyDispense are stored within a virtual pharmacy, when creating (or editing) new medications you can select multiple locations where students will be able to find the medication.

With the addition of the Hospital context in MyDispense 6, you can also now select the context for your medication, currently the options are All, Community, and Hospital.

Hospital and Community pharmacies have different medication requirements: a medication that is common in a community setting may not be available at all in a Hospital setting and vice versa. Therefore the medication context option sets which context a medication will appear in.

Medications set with a context of ‘All’ are available in both Community and Hospital pharmacy contexts. Medications set with a context of Community are only available in exercises or scenarios with community contexts and Hospital in hospital contexts.

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