Exporting in MyDispense has been designed to allow for easy sharing of resources from one MyDispense site to another. You may export a whole unit, a tutorial or a single exercise and import it, along with any data used by those exercises into another MyDispense site seamlessly.

During export, all assets (patients, prescribers, ancillaries, medications, OTCs and patient images) used by exercises are identified and included in the export file. For example, if exporting a single dispense exercise, the patient, prescriber and medications used in the exercise are included in the export package, along with their images. This is so that if the MyDispense site you are importing into does not have one of those assets or something similar you may import the data into the new site.

Because the full amount of data is included in an export file, the size of an export file will increase based on the number of exercises you are exporting and the assets used by those exercises. A unit may range between 70mb and 140mb. MyDispense export files are downloaded in the .myde file format.

Please note that there is a standard 200mb file size limit on uploads to MyDispense servers. If you have a unit larger than this constraint, please contact the MyDispense team.

How to Export Units

How to Export Tutorials

How to Export Exercises

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