Export failure

Export failure

When exporting, checks are performed on all assets (Attachments, Patients, Medications, Prescribers) used in the exercises inside that export. These checks verify that everything required for those exercises to be completed exists. If one of these checks fails, the export is halted and the export failure screen is displayed.

It lists the two types of errors that can occur: Missing assets and Assets missing files. A missing asset occurs when it cannot be found in the database. This means that the asset has been removed and no information can be found about it, other than the number ID of the asset that was stored in the database.

In the case of missing assets, the exercise must be opened and the missing assets replaced or removed. Underneath each missing asset is each exercise that uses the asset. Clicking on the exercise name will open the edit page for that exercise. Whereupon you should see the asset problem screen and can replace the assets.

The Assets missing files problem is when files that are needed by an asset are missing. For example, if you are exporting a medication that does not have all of its images, the check will pick up on this and will halt the export. When an asset is missing some files, you can click on the asset name to edit it and upload new files to replace the missing ones.

You may also click on the exercises listed underneath the assets to edit them. However, since these assets are not ‘missing’ the asset replace screen will not appear. For assets with missing images you will need to remove them from the exercises they are used in, or edit the asset and fix it that way.

Note that since attachments do not have an edit page, you will need to remove any attachments missing files from the exercise.

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