IS is a 55 year old male with chronic lower back pain who comes to your pharmacy with a prescription for Percocet.  His past medical history is significant for depression and anxiety. He has no known drug allergies. 


1) Safety > Adverse Drug Reaction > Dose too high

Patient potentaill exceeds daily limit of 4 grams of Tylenol (acetaminophen).  Counsel the patient to stop taking the OTC Tylenol because he will exceed the maximum daily dose of Tylenol if he continues to take it the way he was prior. Recommend the patient to only take the Percocet if he has pain continuously.

2) Adherence > Adherence

Patient is not adherent to his medications/refilling his medications on time.  Suggest alternatives including a weekly pill holder and use his cell phone alarm to remind him when to take his medications daily.

3) Indication > Unnecessary Drug Therapy > No indication at this time

Suggest the patient talk to his MD about discontinuing his Aspirin regimen. There is no indication for him to be on Aspirin.


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