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How to set a tutorial as an assessment

How to set a tutorial as an assessment

When creating a new tutorial if you select the assessment option your tutorial will be created as a assessment.

You can also edit existing tutorials and convert them into an assessment.

To set a tutorial as an assessment, click on the “Actions” button.

Click the “Edit tutorial” button from the drop down list.

Clicking the edit button will open the edit tutorial screen.

To set the tutorial as an assessment, check the “Tutorial is an assessment” option.

Selecting the assessment checkbox will open up new options.

You’ll be able to enter a password in the “Assessment Password” field.

This password will be required to access the assessment, so make sure your students are aware of the password.

Below you’ll see the studentgroups that have been created for the unit.

At lest one studentgroup will need to be selected but you can have multiple studentgroups.

For each student group you will also need to set a Start and End date and time for the assessment.

Don’t forget to click the “Save” button to finalise your changes.

Please note “Student example” and “Exam studentgroup example” are the names of studentgroups created for this user guide. Studentgroup names will vary across units. If there are no studentgroup available you will need to contact your Administrator.

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