Patient Questions Marking

Patient Questions Marking

Patient question marking is similar to Fact Finding. Patient questions must be enabled in the exercise first before they will appear in the assessment section. Assessment marking for patient questions must be activated on top of that.

Patient questions feature a “No Attempt Penalty” options and critical flagging for non-complete/zero or negative marks. Below these options is the list of questions in the exercise.

Marks are assigned per question and are optional. You can have three questions and only assign marks on the third question.

All patient questions are manually marked due to the free text of both the question and the answer. Marks assigned are a maximum mark for each question and only positive numbers can be set.


Label marking consists of two sections, cumulative marking and individual marking. Cumulative marking combines fields that are common to labels and will not change (data, prescriber, patient, etc.) and places them into one section. Individual marking sets marks for unique criteria per label, such as directions, correct medication and so on.

Label marking can be disabled completely. To disable label marking, uncheck the enable label marking checkbox. Note that in the case of exercises with a do not dispense outcome, label marking will be automatically disabled, as there won’t be labels to mark.

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