Fact Finding Marking

Fact Finding Marking

Patient and Prescriber fact finding assessment marking are identical in their implementation. Marking either is optional, if Patient or Prescriber fact finding isn’t enabled in the exercise it won’t appear in the assessment section. Once active, you must then activate marking for fact finding by checking the enable fact finding marking button.


Fact finding marking has the option of applying a mark penalty if the student doesn’t ask the patient any questions.

To enable the penalty, check the “Enable no attempt penalty” checkbox. You will need to enter a penalty mark that will be deducted from the exercise section mark if the student does not ask any questions for that fact finding type.

Fact finding marking can also be flagged as critical if the student does not attempt or gets a mark of 0 or less.

Individual fact finding marks

Setting up individual question marks for fact finding is a little different. Instead of displaying all the fact finding questions (patient or prescriber), it only lists questions set as “Must Ask” and “Do Not Ask”. Each question has field next to it where the mark can be set, which adds up to a total mark.

“Must Ask” questions will have their mark added to the total. “Do Not Ask” questions will have their mark subtracted from the total mark. Students will be rewarded for asking correct questions and penalised for asking the wrong questions. “Can Ask” questions are ignored as they are considered neutral.

The total additions and deductions are displayed under the list of questions. It’s recommended that the values match, if a student asks all questions, they receive a 0. Otherwise a student may ask all questions and still get a positive mark.

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