Error marking

Error marking

Error marking is automatic when errors are enabled in an exercise. The error section appears just below the enable assessment marking checkbox section, once assessment marking has been enabled. Error marking criteria is dependent on the error outcome selected for the exercise. The “Do Not Recommend” and “Recommend Medication” outcomes have unique criteria available. The ‘Either is Valid’ outcome cannot be used for assessment exercises due to the difficulty of marking such an exercise.

Shared between the two outcomes is the outcome criteria. The outcome awards marks for choosing the correct outcome (“Recommend” or “Do Not Recommend”) when completing an exercise. While you can disable the outcome criteria, it’s not recommended as correctly selecting the outcome is a major component of errors.

Selecting the Dispense outcome allows for label marking in the exercise and for marking of Endorsements.

Endorsement marking is a manually marked criteria that will display the student and exercise designer set endorsements side by side. The marker will examine the two prescriptions and assign a mark.

The Do Not Dispense outcome has additional marking criteria based on the do not dispense reasons the student chooses when completing the exercise.

A side effect of the Do Not Dispense outcome is that label marking will be automatically disabled. Label marking is disabled because the student will be expected to have no label data to mark as part of the exercise outcome and will be useless.

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