Dispense Exercise Feedback

Getting feedback

On the feedback screen your data is shown on the left side of the screen and the instructor’s feedback is shown on the right.

In the top section you can switch between a view of the Customer or review the Prescription.

You are also provided with a summary of the exercise and an outcome feedback.

The medication section shows your label against the feedback label. Your label can still be correct while not being exactly the same as the feedback label.

The next section shows the individual items in the exercise. A red row in the feedback indicates that you got something wrong, green means that item is correct.

Some rows are neither green nor red, such as in the directions row. This is because there are many ways to write correct directions.

At the bottom of the screen will be the label placement feedback and also any optional elements, such as, patient counseling or fact finding.

Please note not all Exercise will display the label placement section.

You can reset the exercise and attempt it again by clicking on the Reset exercise button. Note that resetting an exercise will erase the existing exercise data.

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