Add multiple students to a unit

How to add multiple students to a unit from a CSV file

Prepare a spreadsheet using Excel with your student’s usernames.

The file must consist of a single column with a header in the first row followed by student usernames.

Make sure to save the file as a CSV.

In MyDispense, click on the Unit name you wish to add students too.

Click on the “Students” link on the top right of the page.

On the students page select your student group and click on the “Import students from CSV” button.

Click on the “Browse…” button and locate your CSV file. Click on the “Import students” button to start the import.

Once your file has been imported you will need to match your column header with the Username field in MyDispense.

Click on the “Import students” button.

You will see a confirmation of the students that were added to your unit.

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